Board of Directors

Dr. Lewis Peterman
School of Music and Dance (Emeritus)
San Diego State University

Dr. Lance Nelson
Vice President
Department of Theology and Religious Studies
University of San Diego

Prof. Danlee Mitchell
School of Music and Dance (Emeritus)
San Diego State University

Paula Peterman
American Language Institute
San Diego State University

Dr. Purna Patnaik
Outreach Coordinator
Global Analytics Holdings, Inc.

Laurnie Durisoe
UBS Properties

Ely Freedman
Attorney (Retired)
ESL Department
Grossmont College

Prof. Mark Hertica
San Diego Miramar College

Linda Higley

Connie Kaczmarczyk
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Private Practice

Dr. Arkal Shenoy
General Atomics, San Diego (Retired)

Mandyam Venkatesh
General Atomics, San Diego

Javier Willis
Sonar Records

N.B.: All board members contribute financially.

Advisory Board

Dr. Ric Alviso
CSU Northridge
Applied Ethnomusicology

Dr. David Harnish
University of San Diego

Dr. William Bradbury
CSU San Marcos
Composer and Professor of Music

Dr. Curtis Bouterse
Independent Scholar, San Diego
American Traditional Music and Organology

Dr. Holly Wissler
Independent Scholar, Cusco, Peru
Indigenous Andean and Amazonian Musical Rituals

Dr. Nyoman Wenten
California Institute of the Arts
Indonesian Dance and Music

Dr. Alexander Khalil
UC San Diego
Byzantine Chant and Asian Music

Prof. Ty Constant
National University of Singapore
African Music

Delores Fisher
Church Musician, San Diego
African-American Music

Sudakshina Alagia
Performing Artist, San Diego
Hindustani Classical Music

Farhad Bahrami
Performing Artist, San Diego
Persian Music

Mark Lamson
Soul Beat, Artistic Director
Latin American Music

Tony Petroulias
Ethnographer, Performer, and Teacher
Music, dance, and culture of Greece

Yolanda Beniquez
La Fiesta Danzantes de San Diego, Artistic Director
Mexican Dance

Robert Ojeda
Musica de Atzlan, Director
Chicano Music

Mary Ellen O’Malley
Visual & Performing Arts, Curriculum Coordinator
San Diego County Office of Education (retired)
Performing Arts (Puppetry)

Drew Cady
Art Pulse, Deputy Director
Arts Consultant/Producer

Chuck Eggers
Qualcomm, Patent Counsel Associate
Patent Attorney

John Suter
Ithaca, NY
Director, Center for World Music (1980-84)

Jennifer Case
Via International ~ Via Southwest
International Exchange and Education

Victoria Howard
Collector of Musical Instruments

Susan Enowitz
Independent Scholar, San Diego


Monica Emery
Executive Director

Jonathan Parker
Schools Program Director

Dr. Jeff Kaiser
Director of Development

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