Demise of the Piano

An interesting, and perhaps sad, development. Acoustic piano sales are way down, and piano retailers are going out of business . . .

American children are increasingly over-scheduled, and when the choice is between competitive sports or the rigors of practicing the piano, music will tend to lose out. Not to mention the copious amounts of homework, or time in front of the TV, computer or tablet.

“People are interested in things that don’t take much effort, so the idea of sitting and playing an hour a day to learn piano is not what kids want to do,” [said] Larry Fine, a piano technician, consultant and author . . .

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Urur-Olcott Fest

The annual Chennai (Madras) Music Season is an exclusive affair. Leading artists of South India, led by T. M. Krishna,  have this year attempted to reach out to underserved audiences . . .

To make the festival more inclusive, leading Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna decided to take Carnatic music to more non-traditional venues, such as the fishing village. Krishna, a rare practitioner to openly criticise the unhealthy elitism of Carnatic music, roped in Nityanand Jayaraman, an environmental activist who works in the fishing village. Jayaraman then raised money for the event through crowd-funding.

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