Keep Music in Schools

The California Arts Council, which we are proud to say supports the work of the Center for World Music, invites you to add a few bucks to your CA tax return to support arts education:

Californians believe in arts education, and research shows most are willing to give a little extra on their taxes if they know the funds are spent on the arts for children and teens. Almost a third of schools in California have no music, dance, theatre, media arts or visual arts available whatsoever. The California Arts Council is working to increase arts education statewide by supporting teaching artists in the classroom, incorporating arts into “Common Core” teacher instruction, and turning around low performing schools through the arts.

Interested in helping? It’s easy – and deductible! Give a little extra on your state tax return to the “Keep Arts in Schools Fund,” and 100% of your tax-deductible contribution is applied to arts education programming by the California Arts Council.

The “Keep Arts in Schools Fund” can be found in Voluntary Contribution Section 110 (425) of the “540” individual state tax-return form, and the minimum donation is just $1. Every dollar counts, so please join the California Arts Council and “Keep Arts in Schools” through your state tax return!

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