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Shibani Patnaik: Odissi is My Life, My Love

CWM teaching artist Shibani Patnaik has been extensively trained in Odissi by Gurus Padmashree Gangadhar Pradhan, Aruna Mohanty, Manoranjan Pradhan, and Yudhistir Nayak from the Orissa Dance Academy. She is currently a resident instructor at the Center’s Odissi Dance School. Shibani was awarded the 2006 Devadasi award in Orissa. Shibani and her sisters were honored […]


Meet Teaching Artist Windwalker Dorn

Windwalker Dorn is a Grammy-nominated, multi-award-winning vocalist and flutist who teaches audiences of all ages about East Coast Native American traditions through music, stories, and dance. Windwalker passionately shares the traditions of her Mi’Kmaq (pronounced mic-mac), Cherokee, and Lenape descent. We are happy to welcome her as a teaching artist in our World Music in […]


Remembering Balasaraswati

“A Radiant Aesthetic Force” In celebration of Women’s History Month (March 2020), we recall with respect, awe, and affection the life and artistry of Thanjavur Balasaraswati (1918-1984). Not every organization has its patron saint, but Balasaraswati certainly was and remains such for the Center for World Music. The impact of the art of this great […]


Songs and Stories: Refugee Artists in San Diego

The San Diego Troubadour, October 2018 J. T. Moring wrote a nice piece on our June 2018 Songs and Stories: Refugee Artists in San Diego concert series for The San Diego Troubadour.  Here are some excerpts: The roots of American folk music stretch deep and wide, and indisputably tap into a myriad of worldwide cultures: […]

Refugee Artists in San Diego, June 2018

The Center for World Music celebrates the inaugural season of Songs and Stories: Refugee Artists in San Diego, a CWM project that bridges the distance between San Diego’s refugee population and the general the public through the performing arts. San Diego County is known as a relocation hub for those fleeing persecution and violence. Over […]


Alex Khalil’s Gamelan Project Smithsonian Article

Gamelan aficionados and music educators alike with find much of interest in this great Smithsonian article on the value of music education for kids by Center for World Music board member Alexander Khalil, PhD. Dr. Khalil offers important observations on attention in children, impaired temporal processing, ADHD, and the benefits of bi-musicality. Our research has […]


Access to the Arts for Seniors, Spring 2018

Access to the Arts for Seniors is a new Center for World Music program presenting the world’s music dance, and related arts in affordable housing facilities for seniors with limited access to cultural enrichment. During Spring 2018, our Access to the Arts Coordinator, Stacey Barnett, organized five special programs in residential communities around the San Diego […]

Refugee Communities Celebrate World Music Day

Evening Edition, KPBS Public Television, June 29, 2018 Please take a look at this fine KPBS video report on the CWM’s June 21, World Music Day program Songs and Stories: Transformation Through Rhythm & Word. Refugee communities from Iran and Irag participated in this event at the City Heights/Weingart Library and Performance Annex. The event […]