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Indonesian Music, Dance, and Puppetry comes to Solana Beach

San Diego Magazine, May 3, 2012 A nice report on our May 2012 Java concert series, cosponsored with the David Allen Collection and the Indonesian Consulate . . . The Center for World Music presents an evening of Indonesian music, dance and puppetry. Over 20 professional musicians and dancers, a Balinese puppeteer, and a Balinese […]


CAC’s “Art Works!” Reports on the Center’s World Music in the Schools Program

Art Works!, October 2011 The California Arts Council asks a question very important to the Center for World Music: “How can the traditional performing arts of cultures East and West help to promote a healthy and enriched world?” The California Arts Council (CAC) has supported Center for World Music teaching artist residencies in K-12 schools […]


Spotlight: The Center for World Music

The Participant Observer, October 2010 The CWM is featured in an article in San Diego’s premier multicultural newsletter . . .  During the 2009-2010 school year, the Center served 2,210 students at 9 schools with long-term weekly classes (13-28 weeks) and provided an additional 3,240 students at these 9 schools with school-wide assembly performances by […]

Ithaka: A Tribute to Robert E. Brown (1927-2005)

Society for Ethnomusicology Newsletter, January 2006 A tribute to Robert E. Brown, founder of the Center for World Music, who passed away in November, 2005 . . . Bob viewed himself as an unconventional guide—a maverick leading the way for others toward a life of meaning, morality, and beauty through resourcefulness, courage, and persistence. Those of us who […]