World Dance

Rough Guide has a nice photo spread on World Dance.  Worth a look!

“The black clothes of mourning are as heavy as iron,” goes a memorable line from one syrtos-accompanying song. But you won’t be needing your hankie for tear-mopping in this dance. A handkerchief always joins either two or all of the participants, who are formed into a chain, with each person facing sideways. Mentioned in the annals of ancient Greece, syrtos is one of the oldest known dances and is enjoyed worldwide by the Greek diaspora.

Much more . . .   See Around the World in Twenty Dances.

Grover Burt

A new book with wonderful photos of blues musicians . . . And check out the excellent collection of audio files down the page linked below!

As founder and executive director of the Music Maker Relief Foundation, Tim Duffy snapped photos while helping musicians make ends meet. The photos and captions in his new book of his black-and-white photography tell a rich and vivid history of the life and music of these artists.

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