In the past year, the Center for World Music sponsored 31 artist-teachers and 18 ensembles-in-residence of 19 different music and dance traditions from around the world: Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and America. This program has brought weekly instruction in music and/or dance to some 2,500 students in the San Diego area. Adding students who have attended assemblies and performances sponsored by the program, the number reaches nearly 5,000.


Upwards of 70% of our participants are in low-income, underserved areas of San Diego. We find that the high-quality experiences in the performing arts provide vehicles of expression for populations that struggle for a voice.

In the past year, the CWM provided weekly world music and dance classes in the following San Diego area schools:

  • Bird Rock Elementary
  • Canyon Crest Academy
  • Greater San Diego Academy
  • Hearst Elementary
  • Innovations Academy
  • The Museum School
  • San Diego French American School
  • Stephen W. Hawking Charter School

Cultural areas represented include Bali, Java, India, Mexico, South Africa, Iran, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Brazil, and the Balkans.

The World Music in the Schools program also presented assemblies featuring world music and dance in these schools:

  • Albert Einstein Charter Elementary
  • Canyon Crest Academy
  • Kalabash School of Music and the Arts
  • King-Chavez Academy
  • Lindberg Schweitzer Elementary School
  • Museum School
  • Phoenix Learning Center
  • San Diego Children’s Choir
  • Stephen W. Hawking Charter School
  • Village Gate Children’s Academy

Cultural areas represented include the Balkans, Java, Bali, India, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Iran, Japan, Australia, and Thailand.

Click here for the video, World Music In The Schools Program (2011-2013)