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Gamelan concert

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As this page continues to develop, it will offer information about a constantly expanding and diversifying range of resources related to the study of world music world cultures in the schools.

World Wide Web

The World Music Links page on this site provides access to a wealth of information to teachers. Many of the links provide access to other links. Some of the most useful categories are:

  • Educational Materials
  • Selected Sites for Recordings
  • Indonesian Music and Culture (for summer program in Bali/Java)
  • Many of the sites include recommendations for videotapes

Books, Videotapes, and Recordings

This site will be developed as the World Music in the Schools project progresses. In the meantime, a search of some of the present links will yield a long list of recommended items.

Center Materials for Sale or Loan


The Ramayana. Published by the Los Angeles Music Circle, with text by Jan Steward, and illustrations by Jan Steward and Marilyn Phillips. Although described as a coloring book, this richly illustrated 24-page booklet has an excellent and intelligent text, just the right length for both teachers and their pupils. $2.00 Ramayana.gif (6982 bytes)

Lionking.jpg (8896 bytes) The Pancatantra. Another Music Circle publication. Four full page illustrations and four exemplary animal tales from India ,with an introduction. Text and illustrations by Jan Steward. $1.50

Kathakali. A full treatment of the dramatic dance form from Kerala state in southwest India by scholars Clifford Jones and Betty True Jones. Profusely illustrated with photographs by Jan Steward and published by the American Society for Eastern Arts, forerunner of the Center for World Music. 116 pp. $5.00
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Educational Kits
(currently only available on loan to local schools)

Sanganeer. A Traditional Block Print Center in Rajasthan, India. Each kit contains 80 color slides with notes, 5 8x11 black and white photographs, a map of India, a fabric sample, and a compact disc of Sounds of Sanganeer. Prepared by Jan Steward.

Kathakali, the Dance Drama of Kerala, India. Contains 82 color slides of artists from the Kerala Kalamandalam with notes, 6 8x11 black and white photographs, a map of India, the book Kathakali, referred to above, and a compact disc of the music of Kathakali. Prepared by Jan Steward.


Videotapes and Compact Discs

Wayang Kulit: The Shadow Theater of Java, a 22 minute film,with puppeteer Ki Oemartopo and made for ASEA by filmmaker Baylis Glascock, is now available on videotape through the American Gamelan Institute (see links).

God with a Green Face, a 25 minute film with Kathakali artists from the Kerala Kalamandalam, and made for ASEA by professional filmmakers at California Institute of the Arts, is no longer available, but the possibility of a transfer to videotape is currently being explored.

Balavid-sm.gif (1718 bytes)Balasaraswati, the only presently available film record of the great dancer of South India, whose art inspired the founding of this organization, can be ordered from the World Music Archives at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT 06459.

Ordering info: 1 video/ $30 + $2.25 shipping and handling (within USA); 1 video/ $30 +$9.50 shipping and handling (outside USA, except Canada and Mexico). Checks (personal, money order, or certified) payable to Wesleyan University. Send to Bala Video, World Music Archives, Olin Library,Wesleyan University, Middletown CT 06459 USA.


Also under investigation is the possibility of a compact disc series from archival recordings featuring artists from India, Indonesia, Japan, Africa and the United States who were in residence at the Center for World Music in Berkeley in the 1970s, as well as field recordings, mainly from India and Indonesia, made by Robert Brown between 1957 and the late 1980s.

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Modified: May 30, 2009