Enriching the arts environment in Southern California and beyond, the Center for World Music has a long-standing tradition of supporting performing artists and ensembles.

On this page you will find rosters of the teaching artists and ensembles-in-residence currently active in our World Music in the Schools program, with indications of the wide variety of cultural traditions they represent.

2023–24 Teaching Artists in Residence

Cultures Teaching Artists Traditions / Activities
Africa (South Africa) Nomsa Burkhardt South African Music and Dance
Africa (Guinea) Idrissa Bangoura African Dance, Drumming, and Singing
Africa (West Africa) Monette Marino West African Drumming
Africa (West Africa) & Brazil Andrew Acquista West African & Brazilian Drumming
Africa (Zimbabwe) Garit Imhoff Shona Mbira and Singing
Australia Randin Graves Aboriginal Didjeridoo
Caribbean (Grand Cayman) Natasha Kozaily Caymanian Song and Folklore
Cuba Juan Carlos Blanco Afro-Cuban Dance and Drumming
Europe (Balkans) Marie Hayes Southeastern European Vocal Music
Europe (Ireland) Máirtín de Cógáin Irish Songs, Storytelling, and Percussion
Europe (Spain) Lakshmi Basile Flamenco Dance
India (East) Shibani Patnaik Odissi Folk and Classical Dance
India (North) Miles Shrewsbery North Indian Tabla
India (North) Sufi Raina Indian Kathak Dance
Indonesia (Java) Laurel Grinnell-Wilson Javanese Gamelan Ensemble
Indonesia (Bali) Matthew Clough-Hunter Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
Indonesia (Bali) Kaylie Kirby Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
Indonesia (Bali) Meghan Hynson Balinese Gamelan & Angklung
Latin America Luisa Corredor & Ignacio Arango Latin American Songs
Latin America Silvio Diaz Latin American Percussion
Mexico (Veracruz) Eduardo García Son Jarocho Music and Dance
Mexico (Veracruz) Cindy Carbajal Son Jarocho Music and Dance
Mexico (Veracruz) Cristina Juárez Son Jarocho Music and Dance
Mexico Kristina Cunningham Ballet Folklorico Dance
Middle East (Iran) Kourosh Taghavi Persian Music and Singing
North America Clinton Davis Traditional American Music
Pacific Islands (Hawaii) Anthony Kauka Stanley Polynesian Music and Ukulele
Pacific Islands (Hawaii) James Stanley Polynesian Music and Ukulele
Pacific Islands (Hawaii) Sophie Bell Polynesian Music and Ukulele
Philippines Bernard Ellorin Music of the Philippines
Philippines Rogelle Zamora Music of the Philippines
South America (Brazil) Claudia Lyra Brazilian Rhythm, Dance, Capoeira, and Song
South America (Brazil) Mark Lamson Brazilian Drumming and Percussion
South America (Brazil) Stefanie Schmitz Brazilian Music and Rhythms

2023–24 Ensembles-in-Residence

Cultures Ensembles Traditions / Activities
India Odissi Dance with Shibani Patnaik Classical Indian Dance
India Sitar & Tabla Duo with Miles Shrewsbery Classical North Indian Music
Iran Setar Ensemble with Kourosh Taghavi Persian Classical Music
Indonesia Kembang Sunda Gamelan Degung
Indonesia Gamelan Merdu Kumala with Matthew Clough-Hunter Balinese Gamelan Angklung and Kecak
Philippines Pakaraguian Ensemble with Bernard Ellorin Kulintang Music and Dance
Africa Ballet Djelia Kadi with Dramane Kone West African Drumming and Dance
Africa Ame Kora with Amadou Fall Senegalese Kora Music
Africa Zimbeat with Nomsa Burkhardt and Garit Imhoff Zimbabwean and South African Music and Dance
Africa Zimbabwean Mbira Duo with Garit Imhoff Shona Mbira Music
Brazil Cajuína with Stefanie Schmitz Brazilian Music
Mexico Mexican Son Jarocho Music & Dance with Eduardo Garcia Son de San Diego
Brazil Nós de Chita with Claudia Lyra Brazilian Rhythms & Capoeira Movement
Cuba Omo Aché with Juan Carlos Blanco Afro-Cuban Music and Dance
Eastern Europe Tzidia with Marie Hayes Balkan Vocal Music
Ireland The Máirtín de Cógáin Project Traditional Irish Music and Dance
The Middle East (Palestine) Ali Paris and Band Middle Eastern Music & Dance