Our Assemblies and Workshops program coordinates one-time assemblies, workshops, and special world music events for your students. These single events may include engaging and interactive performances for larger audiences, hands-on instruction for smaller groups via one-time workshops, as well as exciting performances for school programs or celebrations.

Through exposure to artists from around the globe, your students will learn about musical and dance traditions from many different cultures. As well as developing self-confidence, this provides opportunities for self-exploration and increased understanding of one’s place in the world.

What Can We Do For Your School?

Booking an assembly for your school provides an opportunity for large groups of students to experience engaging interaction with artists representing cultures from around the globe. You may choose one assembly for the whole student body or multiple smaller assemblies. The artists and ensembles that perform for our assemblies are all highly skilled teaching artists in their respective musical traditions. Students will sing, clap, or even dance along while learning the history and context of the musical culture.

Workshops provide enriching, personally engaged learning opportunities smaller numbers of students on a one-time basis. We work with your school to design a focused group experience in playing musical instruments, dance and movement, or singing. Some examples might include special instruction in dance movement during a PE class or language-centered sessions emphasizing learning through singing in languages of various cultures.

The Center for World Music is happy to provide enrichment opportunities for any type of event at your school. We have organized exciting performances for back to school nights, student art exhibitions, and weekend or after school celebrations. If you would like to include the performing arts in your special event, please reach out and we will be happy to make it happen for your school community.