Since 1971, the Center for World Music has been sponsoring educational programs and cultural tours abroad, most involving hands-on music and dance workshops. Participants have studied in regions across the world, including Indonesia, India, China, Ghana, Turkey, Mexico, and Peru. Unfortunately, this program has been suspended due to safety concerns brought on by global circumstances beyond our control. We hope to revive it when travel conditions improve.

Leonard Chiyanike

Mbira master Leonard Chiyanike and students at Flower Mountain, Bali, July 2014

In addition to studying with distinguished performing artists and other experts in local cultures, our students explored famous historical and cultural sites such as the Bali Arts Festival, Borobudur, Lake Toba, the National Theatre of Ghana, Hagia Sophia, Tlacotalpan, the Forbidden City, and Machu Picchu.

Between 1983 and 2014, the CWM hosted groups of students of the performing arts at its Flower Mountain center in Bali, Indonesia. These programs included students from the University of Illinois, UCLA, the California Institute of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, Gettysburg College, St. Mary’s College, Warren Wilson College, the National University of Singapore, and San Diego State University.

Also participating in Center-sponsored events at Flower Mountain were a group of teachers from the CWM’s World Music in the Schools program in San Diego, a group of K-12 teachers from Seattle, a group of mbira players from New Zealand and Japan, and an undergraduate drama group from Hartwick College in upstate New York.