Image of Edoardo Cavallero

Edoardo Cavallero

Manager of Public Programming

Growing up in Trieste, Italy, Edoardo was surrounded by a multicultural environment shaped by the rich influences of the Balkans due to the city’s proximity to the Slovenian border. This early exposure to traditional Balkan music kindled a profound interest in world music, a fascination that continues to shape his musical journey.

Though he later adopted the guitar as his primary instrument, Edoardo’s musical foundation was established through classical piano training from an early age. His passion for music performance and composition led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of San Diego, where he also earned a minor in business administration. During his academic journey, a special focus emerged on music production and sound engineering, as Edoardo developed a keen interest and expertise in the technical aspects of creating captivating musical experiences.

His profound appreciation for intercultural awareness and the transformative potential of the arts drives his dedication to creating meaningful and memorable music events for the San Diego community.