Musical Fix

A Musical Fix for American Schools: Music Training Boosts IQ, Focus, Persistence

A Wall Street Journal essay highlights the need for more music education in our schools . . .

American education is in perpetual crisis. Our students are falling ever farther behind their peers in the rest of the world. Learning disabilities have reached epidemic proportions, affecting as many as one in five of our children. Illiteracy costs American businesses $80 billion a year.

Many solutions have been tried, but few have succeeded. So I propose a different approach: music training. A growing body of evidence suggests that music could trump many of the much more expensive “fixes” that we have thrown at the education system.

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Thai Khon Dance

Keeping Khon Dance Alive in Bangkok

From the Bangkok Post, a dance master explains how and why he teaches Thai classical dance to children.  The video clip shows children learning to perform the Ramakien, the Thai version of the India’s great epic, the Ramayana.

Welcome to a school that teaches Khon to children – both rich and poor. A Khon teacher explains how this traditional masked dance based on the Ramayana epic can help children in both their personal life and their career.

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Engaging Your City’s Youth Through the Arts

Here’s a report on an extraordinarily valuable program that supporters of traditional music–or any music–might want to be aware of. Three cheers for the City of San Fernando, with a shout out for the CAC!

The City of San Fernando invests directly in an award-winning Mariachi Master Apprentice Program. Launched in 2001 as an experiment, the program has garnered international recognition. . . . Over the past decade 100 percent of the students enrolled in the program have graduated. Typically comparable rates are less than 60 percent.

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CWM Receives Second Highest NEA Award in San Diego

San Diego Union Tribune, April 16, 2014

The quality of the Center for World Music’s World Music in the Schools program has been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts with the second highest award in the San Diego area.

$55,000 to support teaching artists from around the globe who will provide weekly instruction in traditional music and dance of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe for elementary and secondary-school students in San Diego.

Significantly, of over 100 NEA education grants funded, the CWM ranked within the top 15, with the likes of Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera

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CWM World Music in the Schools

CAC’s “Art Works!” Reports on the Center’s World Music in the Schools Program

Art Works!, October 2011

The California Arts Council asks a question very important to the Center for World Music: “How can the traditional performing arts of cultures East and West help to promote a healthy and enriched world?”

The California Arts Council (CAC) has supported Center for World Music teaching artist residencies in K-12 schools for over 10 years. The residencies have provided thousands of San Diego students with weekly, year-round, hands-on workshops in the performing arts from six broad cultural areas of the world: South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

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UT Article Photo Canyon Crest

CWM-Canyon Crest Program Receives Grammy Enterprise Award

San Diego Union Tribune, June 1, 2011

Canyon Crest Academy has become the first public high school in San Diego County to receive a Grammy Signature Schools Enterprise Award. The $5,500 award was in recognition of the high quality of the school’s music program, and in particular its “border-leaping” Javanese gamelan ensemble.

Canyon Crest is the first school anywhere that ever that applied to us for funding for a gamelan ensemble. Our screening panel and blue-ribbon committee — which includes the president of Disney Music and the chairmen of the music departments at USC and UCLA — though that was really cool.

—David R. Sears, Senior Director of Education, Grammy Foundation

Canyon Crest inaugurated its gamelan classes in 2010 in cooperation with the Center for World Music’s World Music in the Schools program. The Canyon Crest gamelan is directed by World Music in the Schools artist in residence Pak Djoko Walujo.

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Tabla Class

Spotlight: The Center for World Music

The Participant Observer, October 2010

The CWM is featured in an article in San Diego’s premier multicultural newsletter . . .

 During the 2009-2010 school year, the Center served 2,210 students at 9 schools with long-term weekly classes (13-28 weeks) and provided an additional 3,240 students at these 9 schools with school-wide assembly performances by the Center’s teaching artists, reaching a total of 5,450 students.

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