Silvio Diaz: Empowering Students through Latin Rhythms

Born in Mexico City, Silvio Diaz grew up in Ensenada and Tijuana in an artistic household. His family produced educational performances for children, featuring puppetry, theater, and music. At a young age, Silvio played various musical instruments, including the clarinet, guitar, and drum set, along with other forms of percussion. Additionally, he participated in his family’s puppetry, theater, and music productions, performing in Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

While performing with his family, Silvio pursued his interest in visual arts and Latin percussion. He attended an arts high school in Mexico City before earning a bachelor’s degree in music composition from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. His journey as a musician involved playing in several bands, each specializing in different genres—including reggae, rock, and Latin music—while pursuing his own musical goals.

In 2018, Silvio relocated to San Diego to join his father and brother in their percussion ensemble Drummers Without Borders. Since its formation, Drummers Without Borders has been dedicated to providing music education to underserved communities, schools, correctional facilities, and the general public. The group uses rhythm as a fundamental tool to engage students and help them feel a sense of accomplishment. Their programs sometimes end with a parade with large puppets and rows of children marching with drums.

Drummers Without Borders has performed for the Center for World Music in two recent series: “Music on the Move: Border Stories” at The Front Arte Cultura Gallery and “Sound of the Border | Sonido de la Frontera” at Mingei International Museum.As a teaching artist with the CWM’s World Music in the Schools program, Silvio introduces students to the percussive rhythms of Latin America. He encourages his pupils to start simple, try new things, collaborate, and express themselves. His goal is to inspire confidence and teamwork.

Thanks to a partnership between the CWM, San Diego Unified’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Department, the VAPA Foundation, and the California Arts Council, Silvio participated in a program at Balboa Elementary highlighting the music and rhythms of Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

San Diego’s KUSI News featured this class for bringing culturally relevant music programming into schools:

Silvio teaches for organizations such as the San Diego Guild of Puppetry, Arts Education Connection San Diego, The House of Music, and Bocón Arts. He also enjoys playing music at home with his daughter. His ultimate dream is for everyone to recognize the power of art in education and human development.


Graphic for 2024 Concert Season

2024 Concert Season

We are pleased to announce our 2024 Concert Season with two exciting series. The first series, Sound of the Border | Sonido de la Frontera, will be held at Mingei International Museum. The series is inspired by a Mingei exhibit, La Frontera, and will delve into the vibrant cultural landscape of the U.S.-Mexico border.  The second series, Mesmerizing Melodies from Three Ancient Lands, held at the La Jolla Community Center, will showcase the cross-cultural exchange of musical ideas between three distant lands along ancient trade routes.


General Seating: $35 – $40
VIP Seating: $50 – $55
General Admission Series Pass: $100
VIP Series Pass: $145

Tickets to concerts in the Sound of the Border | Sonido de la Frontera series include admission to the performance and access to Mingei International Museum’s Gallery Level ($14 value) after 4 PM on the day of the performance. The Commons Level is free for all.

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Sound of the Border | Sonido de la Frontera

Mingei International Museum – 7:30 PM

Sound of the Border | Sonido de la Frontera is a concert series centered around the vibrant cultural dynamism along the U.S.-Mexico border. Inspired by the ‘La Frontera’ exhibit at Mingei International Museum, this series explores the essence of this borderland represented by three musical traditions.

In this border region music acts as a powerful form of social and cultural activism and as a way to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of inhabitants on both sides of la fronteraSonido de la Frontera is dedicated to highlighting the role of music as a transformative and unifying force.

Audiences who take this musical journey will resonate with the stories, the resilience, and the distinctive yet interconnected human experiences that define this unique cultural space.

Three drummers
January 12th: Uniting Cultures through Drums and Percussion
Featuring Drummers Without Borders

February 9th
: Songs and Activism in the Borderlands
Featuring Martha Gonzalez and Tylana Enomoto

March 8th: Celebrating Mexican Musical Heritage
Featuring Hermanos Herrera

Mesmerizing Melodies from Three Ancient Lands

La Jolla Community Center – 7:30 PM

In this concert series we explore three traditions that have exchanged musical ideas for at least a thousand years along ancient trade routes from Western China through Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and North Africa all the way to Morocco and Southern Spain.

Throughout this huge area of the globe, melody is king. We will be treated to the incredibly virtuosic melodies of South Indian classical (Carnatic) music; the haunting, emotionally charged melodies of Persian classical music; and the extraordinarily subtle, delicate elaboration of “microtonal” melodies in Turkish classical music.

Each performance in this series promises an immersive odyssey into the very nature of melody and its ability to touch the human heart and fill the souls of listeners, no matter where in the world they come from.

April 12th: The Timeless Heritage of Carnatic Music
Featuring the Muralikrishnan Carnatic Quartet

May 10th: Namad Ensemble: A Performance in Dastgâh Segâh and Dastgâh Nava
Featuring the Namad Ensemble

June 14th: Discovering the Soul of Turkish Music
Featuring Münir Beken


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