UT Folk Dancers

Waiting for San Diego’s Folk Dance Revival

Union Tribune San Diego, April 12, 2015

Coverage of a Center for World Music Concert Series event, the International Folk Dance Clubs of Balboa Park’s Springfest 2015.

On a wood-floored ballroom in Balboa Park, a smattering of international folk dance enthusiasts paced their way Sunday through provincial traditions from Quebec, Scandinavia, Scotland, Romania and Greece.

“What makes it fun are the mix of rhythms,” said Diane Baker, a retired physical education teacher who traveled from Newport Beach to participate at the festival. “And you learn about the villages where it originated.”

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Galloway Folk Music

Musicians ‘singing back to life’ forgotten Galloway folk music

Some 80 traditional musical arrangements sourced from across Scotland in the early 20th century have been discovered, and contemporary musicians are breathing new life into them . . .

 “It’s something that’s really important to me, to encourage people to sing and to bring these local songs to life so they’re not lost,” said [musician Robyn] Stapleton.

“We have got some fantastic songs that I have been working on personally and I am looking forward to be able to perform songs that people haven’t heard before.

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Molly's Revenge

Celtic Trio Molly’s Revenge Performs in Encinitas December 13

San Diego Folk Heritage presents Molly’s Revenge, a trio of acoustic Celtic musicians, with vocalist Christa Burch and Irish dancers, Saturday, December 13, 2014 in Encinitas, CA.

Molly’s Revenge is a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. The classic combination of bagpipes, whistle, and fiddle, with a backdrop of guitar, mandola, and bodhran guarantees an enjoyable experience for all fans of Scottish and Irish music. Molly’s Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and prestigious events in Scotland, Australia and China.